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Stone Connect provides the control of electrical radiators with Bluetooth Smart connectivity




With Stone Connect you can control your Stone towel radiator controller by setting the ambient temperature or the level of heat.

The easy interface allows you to set a weekly schedule profile, view statistics of energy consumption, and control your towel rail with quick settings.

It works with Bluetooth Smart devices. 

Connect the smartphone to the towel rail.

1. Register and Login

Sign up to connect the App to the cloud.

Your App automatically sends useful data to the cloud. 

Sign in to the portal to view all the statistics and infomation about your towel rail.

2. Connect the tower rail

Follow the app wizard to discover and pair your home tower rail. Select BlueTooth mode on the tower rail control and connect your smartphone. Do it only once.

3. Setup temperature

Use the app everyday to setup operative mode, the temperature and to schedule modes by your life habits.